Sable Safariwear

Sable Safariwear makers of the the Orginal Dersert Boots - known in South Africia  "Vellie Boots"
Southern African walking shoes made from veg tanned leather or soft rawhide uppers attached to a leather footbed and rubber sole without tacks or nails.
The name comes from Afrikaans vel and their design is believed to be based on the traditional Khoisan footwear observed by the first Dutch settlers in South Africa. The footwear is enculturated into the Afrikaans psyche easy to make,lightweight and extremely tough wearing the vellie could with stand the harsh conditions of the great migration north.
It is worn by all classes and professions across South Aficia. Clarks made the desert boot famous but the Clark shape is modeled after the same round toe last used to manufacture velskoen. Nathan Clark was inspired by the shape and design of the velskoen he discovered for sale in the bazars of Cairo, which were imported to Egypt from South Africa
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