Tamaris is a leading fashion brand developed by the German based Wortmann-Group; Wortmann itself began in 1967 and has developed several different footwear brands over the years. The Tamaris brand specialises in women’s shoes and has three sub-brands- Tamaris, Tamaris Active and Tamaris Trend. What Tamaris does is create fashion conscious footwear for a variety of different customer styles and ages. Whether you are looking for footwear that is high end fashion, similar to those on the catwalk, to practical, comfortable styles that are more versatile and easy to wear- Tamaris has it all covered. They use upscale materials to produce footwear made of soft leathers, suede, nubuck, and high quality man made materials. Tamaris has also used their expertise to create their own system of shock absorption to be used within some of their heeled shoes which is called ‘Anti-Shokk’. This results in an extra level of comfort to the wearer by cushioning foot impact and reducing the stress going through the body whilst wearing heels.

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